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OG3NE – Home Isolation Concert


Closing of successful Home Isolation Videos and Concerts on Saturday 20 June 2020

OG3NE will close their ‘Home Isolation Videos and Concerts’ series with ‘HOME ISOLATION CONCERT 3 “THE FINAL ONE” on Saturday 20 June 2020 at 19.00 hours.

Since 18 March, OG3NE has launched a weekly ‘Home Isolation Video’. Because Amy belongs to the at-risk group by having one lung and asthma, Lisa, Amy and Shelley were separated in a self-chosen home isolation of over three months. Still, a way was found to sing together, separate from each other. The result of their ‘Home Isolation Videos’ went viral on all social media platforms. Millions of people followed the achievements of OG3NE in Corona time and worldwide the level of their polyphonic singing was praised. Famous band members of Queen, Simon and Garfunkel and Earth Wind & Fire also responded favourably.

Twice they gave a pay-per-view ‘Home Isolation Concert’ from a for this occasion completely “Corona proof” built and decorated studio with virtual audience at home. Through chats there was interaction with the audience at home. With an average number of streams of 10,000 per concert, this was again an enormous success. “We love pioneering and being at the forefront of new developments and wanted to be there for our fans in one way or another” said the ladies of OG3NE.

Fans can buy a link via Ticketpoint from Wednesday 10 June 2020 to be ‘present’ at the last concert.

By working together and thinking along with technical parties such as Holland Studio’s, Soundworks, KPN Broadcast, ECO Light, Unlimited Vision & Sound and Van der Loo Catering & Decor we can make the concert possible for a symbolic ‘entrance fee’ of € 3,95. Saturday June 20th 2020,19.00 hrs the OG3NE ‘HOME ISOLATION CONCERT 3 – “THE FINAL ONE” will take place online.

Ticketpoint is the official dealer of tickets for OG3NE – Home Isolation Concert

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Attend the concert in the following way:

  1. Go to https://onlineconcert.og3ne.com/
  2. Enter the email address and your 12 digit access code there. You will find this 12-digit code under the QR code at the bottom left of your received E-ticket.
  3. Per access code you can attend the concert from your own living room on 1 device.

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