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Ticketpoint guarantee

For € 3.50 per ticket you can place your tickets in a Ticketpoint guarantee. The Ticketpoint guarantee is not insurance. At events a Ticketpoint guarantee can be taken out, in case you can not visit the event. The Ticketpoint guarantee can only be concluded at the time of ordering the tickets, and is linked to the number of tickets ordered. The cancellation must be communicated to Ticketpoint in writing as soon as possible, but no later than within 3 x 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays) of the event. In the event of cancellation, you must be in possession of a document of evidence (doctor’s certificate / ANWB report, proof of admission, obituary notice, etc.).

In the event of cancellation, you must return the admission tickets with a check slip and proof document within one week after the event. You will receive the money on the specified account within 2 weeks. We only reimburse the costs for the admission ticket. Costs for the Ticketpoint guarantee and the reservation costs are not reimbursed in the event of cancellation. By concluding an agreement with Ticketpoint you explicitly and without reservation accept the applicability of the following conditions. In cases where these conditions do not provide, Ticketpoint decides. Type of insurance: Cancellation guarantee Insured: The persons in possession of a valid cancellation certificate in combination with a valid ticket. Insured interest (s): Purchased ticket (card amount excluding service costs, additional costs and premium) by insured parties.

* death, serious illness or serious accident of an insured person, if medically determined by the treating physician / specialist; * death, serious illness or serious accident of blood and / or relatives in the first or second degree of an insured person, provided that this event occurs within 60 days before the originally planned date of commencement of the event and this has been medically determined by the treating physician /specialist; * the occurrence of foreseeable complications of the insured person, his spouse or the person with whom the insured lives together on a permanent basis (according to the population register); * serious property damage as a result of a fire, explosion, break-in or a force of nature, which affects the property of an insured person or the company where the insured person is working (both in the Netherlands), such that his presence is urgently required; * definitive disruption of the insured’s marriage, for which a divorce procedure has been initiated; with the definitive disruption of the marriage is equated the dissolution of a notarised cohabitation contract. * theft, misappropriation or loss or total loss damage to the vehicle to be used for the trip to the event (excluding rental cars) due to collision, fire or explosion within 14 days before the start date of the event. Commencement date of contract: After purchase valid proof of cancellation in combination with a valid ticket, or after purchase valid proof of cancellation within 3 x 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays) after purchase valid ticket, where the contract expiration date will not take place within one month after purchase. Contract expiry date: Start event (* start time on ticket) to which the cancellation certificate in combination with the ticket relates. Premium: See cancellation certificate.

Additional terms:

Exclusions Ticketpoint guarantee does not owe any compensation for damage, expenses or accidents caused by, arising from, occurring with or arising from: 1.1 intent or gross negligence of the insured (person or persons); 1.2 armed conflict, civil war, rebellion, domestic riots, riot mutiny and claim1.3 nuclear reaction, indifferent to how it arose; 1.4 a chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic weapon; 1.5 terrorism, malicious contamination or preventive measures; 1.6 acts or behaviors in preparation for terrorism, malicious contamination or preventive measures. Obligations of the insured As soon as the insured person has knowledge of an event that can lead to a payment obligation for Ticketpoint guarantee, he is obliged: 2.1 Ticketpoint guarantee as soon as possible in writing, but at the latest within 3 x 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays) notifying the event and canceling the tickets. The report must be accompanied by a statement of the cause by which or the circumstances under which? the event occurred; 2.2 Ticketpoint guarantee as soon as possible all desired data and documents to provide and forward in the form required by Ticketpoint.nl Garantie, consisting of at least one completed claim form, valid proof and cancellation certificate including attached original control strip and documents tw. Doctor’s certificate (if applicable), police statement (if applicable) and extracts from population register. 2.3 Ticketpoint guarantee to fully cooperate and to refrain from anything that would damage the interests of Ticketpoint warranty; 2.4 take all reasonable measures to prevent or limit costs within the meaning of this insurance; 2.5 to give an expert the opportunity to record the damage before repair or destruction (including disappearance) has taken place; 2.6 to report to the police as soon as possible if there is a suspicion that a criminal offense has been committed, in which the insured interest is involved. Failure to comply with obligations Ticketpoint guarantee is not held to pay if the insured fails to meet an obligation laid down in the condition or if there is a covered circumstance foreseeable during the sale, unless he can prove that he can not be blamed for this and the interests of Ticketpoint warranty have not been harmed as a result.

If the insured person intentionally makes a wrong, incorrect or incomplete communication and / or presentation of business, every right to payment will lapse. Other Insurances Ticketpoint guarantee does not owe any compensation for damage or expenses that are insured under another insurance or provision, whether or not of an earlier date. Benefits under the accident insurance are not included in this provision. Expiry period Ticketpoint guarantee in respect of a claim of a rightful claimant from the insurance has taken a definitive position, either by (an offer of) payment by way of final settlement or by rejecting the claim, then expires after one year, to be calculated from the day on which the beneficiary or his authorized representative became aware of this position, any right in respect of Ticketpoint guarantee in respect of the claim on which the claim was based, unless the rightful claimant challenged the position of Ticketpoint warranty within that period. Premium payment The insured person owes the premium when purchasing the ticket in combination with the cancellation certificate, or owed when purchasing the cancellation certificate afterwards. Ticketpoint guarantee is never obliged to premium refund.- Dutch law applies to the non-life insurance contracts concluded by Ticketpoint guarantee with private insured parties. – A privacy regulation applies to personal data that our company includes in a personal registration. Relatives by blood and affinity This means only and exclusively: – First degree: the wife, the (parent) parents or foster parents, the own children as well as the foster and / or stepchildren of the insured person. As a husband or wife, orders will also include those with whom the insured lives together permanently or with whom the insured person has a cohabitation contract.- Second degree: the brothers, the sisters, the brothers-in-law, the sister-in-law, the grandparents and the grandchildren of the insured person. Accident A sudden unexpected force from the outside acting on the body of the insured, from which a medical injury that can be medically established has arisen, resulting in death or temporary or permanent disability.

If you have concluded Ticketpoint Guarantee on a season ticket and passe partout, the following conditions apply:
– Refunds are only given on the full season ticket or passe partout and not on individual matches / events.
– If you wish to claim a refund, you must submit written proof, as mentioned earlier, which shows that you have not been able to visit at least half of the matches / events.

An accident is assimilated: a. Acute poisoning as a result of the sudden and involuntary ingestion of gases, vapors, liquid or solid substances, other than poisoning by using medicines, and other than the ingestion of allergens: b. Contamination by germs or allergic reaction, if this contamination or reaction is a direct result of an involuntary fall into the water or in any other substance, or is the result of engaging in an attempt to rescue a person or property: c. The sudden and involuntary ingestion of substances or objects in the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, the eyes and the hearing organs, causing internal injury, with the exception of invading germs or allergens; d. Sprain, dislocation and rupture of muscle and ligament tissue, provided that these injuries have arisen and their nature and location can be determined medically. e. Choking, drowning, freezing, sunstroke, heat stroke; f. Depletion, starvation, dehydration and sunburn due to unforeseen circumstances. g. Wound infection or blood poisoning due to the ingress of germs into injuries caused by a covered accident; h. Complications or worsening of the injury caused by a covered accident as a direct result of first aid or of the medical treatment that has become necessary as a result of that accident. Exclusions regarding the risk of accidents.

Ticketpoint guarantee is not obligatory until any payment in respect of:

Accidents resulting from intent or with the approval of the insured person or another person interested in the benefit; b. Accidents in connection with the insured party committing or participating in a crime or attempt to do so; c. Accidents resulting from a venture in which the insured has recklessly endangered his life or body, unless this risk was reasonably necessary for the proper fulfillment of his profession, in legitimate self-defense or in attempts to save himself, other animals or goods; Accidents arise as a result of a morbid condition or as a result of physical or mental deviations of the insured person; e. Mental disorders, regardless of the cause, unless these are medically demonstrable as a direct consequence of the brain injury caused by a covered accident; f. Accidents become possible due to the influence of alcoholic beverages, unless it is shown that the insured had less than 0.8 per thousand alcohol in his blood at the time of the accident; g. Accidents in which the occurrence is in any way related to the use of or the addiction to intoxicating, stimulating or similar substances, unless the use is made in accordance with the prescription of a physician and the insured person has complied with the instructions for use; h. Incontinence, spit (lumbago), protrusion of an intervertebral disk hernia nucleus pulses), creaking tendon sheath inflammation (tendonitis lateralis) or golfer’s arm (epicondylitis medialis); i. The consequences of medical treatment received by the insured, without any connection to a covered accident, which necessitated this treatment; j. accidents occur to the insured as a driver of a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 50 cc or more, if the insured person has not yet reached the age of 23 years; k. Accidents related to the use of a motor aircraft, other than as a passenger; Accidents resulting from: Making trips on glaciers, unless guided by a recognized guide; Klettern Participation in and training for competitions with motor vehicles, motor boats and mopeds if the speed element prevails in that race. Group Reservation In the case of group bookings (by a natural or legal person) there is only a right to compensation for the person who arrives at an insured event, or for those who are further designated as the rightful claimant, provided that this rightful owner is also in possession of a valid proof of cancellation.

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